T minus one (day) and counting!

A short post this morning due to time constraints. I’m feverishly trying to get loose ends tied up, i’s dotted and t’s crossed before I have to set down my work life for a week or so. I’m shutting down my business for that time and need to get everything ready. I’ll probably miss a few things but hey, that’s inevitable. I’ll just do what I can.

Short Stack’s bag is packed and today my folks will be coming up to stay for a while. They’ll come and pick up our little guy and take care of him while Action Girl and I are gone. Tomorrow, the two of us will leave in the morning and before the noon hour is passed, we shall be three. I can’t wait!

What we know is that the baby is a girl and that everything looks good so far. The birth will be a cesarean section due to a number of factors but that’s okay because it means that we get to side step the whole “running around in a panic” thing. I won’t miss that!

So, please excuse me if I leave the funny travel stories genre for a few days. I’ll no doubt have stuff to relate here, but it will be more of the schmaltzy variety, most likely. Lulu Belle is on her way and the three of us become four. I can’t wait to hold her and tell her how much I love her. Long ago, I knew I was going to love being a Dad. I was just unprepared for how much I would.

Now, off to finish things up. I’m about to double my work load and I can’t wait!


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