A House guest in France

Action Girl meets a lot of interesting people because of her job. She gets to be helpful to a wide range of people and that tends to make folks react in a positive way to her. Some folks bake brownies for her, some folks bring her gifts of hot coffee. One individual has a house in southern France and invited her and her husband (me) to visit and stay for a few days.

Now an offer like that is a bitter-sweet one. A place to stay in France is nothing to sneeze at but on the other hand, being in the right neighborhood to take advantage of such an offer… Well, lets just say that we’re not the type to go “popping” off to Europe on a whim.

So the offer stood for about three years, with Action Girl being reminded from time to time by our would-be host. Then, one year we decided it was time for another epic back packing trip. This was going to be a doosie though. We had decided that it was high time we started a family and this would be our “last ho-rah” journey. As it turned out, it wasn’t, but we didn’t know that at the time. We would be gone for three weeks to tromp, train and travel across our beloved Germany, into Alsace and finally at our generous friend’s house in the heart of Southern France. The Ardeche. When our host found out we were coming, his exact words to Action Girl were, “When you run out of money, come visit me!”

This time, we planned the trip right. We would do all the heavy traveling first and then leave the last week or so to relax and enjoy a slower pace. We flew into Zurich, found our way into Germany and were back in back packing bliss.

The trip was wonderful and we had a great time. I’ll get into that in another post. What’s important is that it all went just as we hoped. Our heavy travel schedule was finished up around week two and Action Girl made the call to France. We were in Frankfurt at the moment but got our directions to travel to Paris, then Leon, then Montelimar and then on to his small village. No problem for seasoned travelers. As always, things never work out in reality the way they do on paper.

It was May 1st when we climbed into the train departing for Paris. What could possibly go wrong. Well, for starters… it was May 1st and we were going to Paris.

Any one see this coming? Any one? Any one? Bueller?

More later…

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