Hey, Nonny Nonny! Is that a spray can?

New entertaining graffiti found in my area. This time, the rogue the police might want to look for is most likely wearing a doublet, hose and full ruffle.

I’m fully aware that it’s speculative at best that some fugitive from “Shakespeare in the Park” with a marker decided to make a joke or even (God help him) mark his turf, but it’s still fun to imagine.

“I grant thee constable, the facts at hand cast a vile light upon mine supposed innocence. Privy your sharp and most noble mind to consider the notion that I merely hold this Sharpie for mine cousin who was just at this inauspicious local but a few moments hence. My hand would never consider the defamation of this pice of city property. I hath been frame-ed!”

“Shut the hell up kid and get in the back.”

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