Construction Details 101

I could very easily twist the truth about this picture and no doubt, make a far more entertaining story out of it, but that’s not my style (at least I try not to be that way). First, let’s play “What’s wrong with this picture?”, Then we’ll get the facts in the right order.

Yes, the door was there first.

Yes, the stairs existed in another configuration wherein the door worked.

BUT… This is just too fun to look at every day. It’s something that I walk past every single day on my way to my parking garage and I’ve been pondering it for some time. The door actually opens to a shed that the restaurant it’s attached to uses to store fire wood in.

Or at least, used to.

Things like this just call out to me to have some fun with them. It’s like a joke that’s all set up and no one will say the punch line. That sort of thing drives me bananas.

“Oh come ON people! Will no one pick up this beautiful opportunity and do something with it? Any one? Helloooooooo?”

The door has been blocked now for about 6 months. I don’t think I can stand it much longer. Since I am firmly opposed to vandalism, it needs to be something reversible. Something subtle and humorous.

What I need are a few small tacks, a moment when no one is watching and…

The right sign to attach to the door. I bought it today. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

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