Peanut Butter and Fluff

Ah, the white puffiness that brings back the halcyon days of running barefoot through the grass, flying kites in the spring breeze and calling up friends and seeing if they can come over and play. Wait… Those weren’t the halcyon days, it was last Thursday.

Either way, this stuff always makes the day a little bit better and puts a gooey smile on my face. For some of you, this might be a strange and unknown substance, and since I’ve heard tell that might be a regional thing, please allow me to introduce you… to Fluff.

Fluff is what happens to marshmallows when they spend too much time tanning at the beach. It is, in essence, frothy marshmallow in a jar. It is sticky, it is sugary and can destroy a piece of Wonder Bread if improperly spread, reducing the mangled slice into a rolled up, shredded mess… wrapped lovingly around the knife.

As a kid, I remember the frustration of being so close to having my coveted peanut butter and Fluff sandwich yet watching the entire assembly operation turn into balls of bread and white goo stuck to every surface in the kitchen. It rarely ended well.

This is where the secret superpowers of MOM came in. Moms can make a PB&F sandwich with no difficulties what so ever. I think it has something to do with secret meetings that the attend at night when they think you’re asleep. Your mom went to, right? That wasn’t just mine? You know… with the hoods and chanting. No? Hmm.

Whatever enabled her to make the sandwiches, I didn’t care. All I knew was that it was like getting lunch and dessert all at once. Usually, with chips! How can a kid have an issue with that?

These days, we don’t stock Wonder Bread in the pantry. No real loss, in my book. My secret to spreading the ooey-gooey mess that I love is “wheat bread”. It holds up better to the Fluff and detracts form the nutrition free experience not one bit. The sandwich pictured above is my secret “Second Breakfast” that will help me make it through the ten o’clock hour today and hold my healthy lunch off until one-ish. I work like a dog all morning, so I use that to justify the sugar. “What ever helps you sleep”, right?

If it were my lunch though… I think I’d be tempted to hunt down some Twinkies for after!

Mmmm… Twinkies.

4 Responses

  1. And I thought I was gross when I would come home from school and make a couple of peanut butter and sugar sandwiches, mmmm… I can still remember the crunch of the sugar, like eating a sweet sand sandwich with peanut butter oozing out of the sides.

    But that was thirty years ago. Making two boys about a zillion PBJs over about a ten year span, killed any favorable feelings I ever had towards peanut butter. ‘Tis just a memory.’

    Now I can’t imagine eating a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich. That’s like adding marshmallows and whip cream to hot chocolate, just too much of a good thing…
    Now that I am an old curmudgeon I would rather have black coffee or straight whiskey.

  2. Wow. Just straight sugar with PB. I never thought of that! Don’t know if I could handle that now, though. The best I managed was to make a piece of toast, add butter and then coat with brown sugar. Mmmmmm. Crunchy, sweet goodness.


  3. I was introduced to ‘fluff’ at a young age by my father. The fluff was kept hidden away in a cabinet and only brought out occasionally. I remember when he made them he would almost act embarrassed, as though it the most elicit meal he could serve. It was sort of a ‘wink, wink, don’t tell your mother’ moment.

    I have been a lifelong fan of PB and it’s my ‘dessert island’ food. I can’t imagine life without it. I introduced my wife to fluff when we met. There was a brief addicition, then an intervention and now we only buy the very small jar and not very often.

    I still get a kick out using the term ‘fluffernutter’ to see how many people get the reference.

    Great memories TP!

  4. Mmmm, fluffernutter! That brings back memories! We use Fluff for something else in my family. Fudge? I don’t remember. I’ll have to ask my mother.

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