Proving Grounds

So today was the first big day for this new dad of two. For the first time, I was the sole care giver for the kiddos while Action Girl went back to her employer for the fist time in months and months so she could pick a schedule to start working in about a week and a half.

Let me say that first, I rather pride my self on being able to multi-multi-multi task and manage time and resources very well. It’s what I do every day at work. At work though, the machinery and product rarely poops its self, then runs around shrieking and trying to escape. To be fair, neither do my kids (mostly). Short Stack is far too happy go lucky for that sort of behavior (again, mostly) and Lulu Belle is still in the “Where you put her is where you’ll find her” stage. Mostly, Short Stack wants to play with his trucks and Lulu Belle wants… well, if I knew that, I’d be in far greater demand with young parents with new babies. Let’s just say that her main interests are eating, sleeping, pooping and “urping up”.

Action Girl was out the door by eight and I was determined to make a showing of not just competency, but Super Dad levels of ability. I really bent my self hard into the job and worked my buns off; not for the bragging rights, but rather to show how badly I wanted to earn an “A+” WITH a Gold Star and smiley face. I think I made it.

The kids and I had a good time. Actually, mostly Short Stack had a good time. he has trucks to play with and used them well. Lulu Belle was cranky and barely slept. I finally got her down with a bottle, a fresh diaper, the baby swing, a pacifier, and “The ABBA Gold Collection”. Hey, when it comes to crying babies, what ever works.

When Action Girl came home at about 12:45, she got out of the car, looked at me, cocked an eyebrow and said,”Well, how did it go?”

I took a deep breath…

“Our internet connection is now fixed, the dishes are done, the baby bottles are sterilized, the laundry is folded and put away, the lawn is watered, the kids are fed, they have fresh diapers on, the trash went out, I reconnected the plumbing in the front yard. Short Stack is covered in sun block and is playing with trucks, Lulu Belle isn’t having anything to do with napping so she’s in the swing seat with a pacifier listening to ABBA.”

That got me a great big hug and a kiss!

“I guess dinner’s on me, huh?”
“Nah, I’ll bring home pizza”. Hey, if you’re putting your all into it, you might as well go for broke. I’m picking the toppings though!


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  1. I remember when my kids were young and easy to intimidate. Treasure these times, it sounds like you are in the early phases of child rearing. Here are my 10 phases of being a Dad.
    1. Invincible diaper changer.
    2. Cool Dad who can do anything.
    3. Cool Dad who can do almost anything.
    4. Cool Dad who is a bit embarrassing to be around.
    5. The Dad that all your kids’ friends say is cool but don’t really know.
    6. The embarrassing Dad that always says the wrong thing.
    7. A brief spike in cool when its time to learn to drive.
    8. Dad? What Dad?
    9. Oh, that’s right the Dad with money.
    10. Visits to see Dad, who is kind of cool after all.

    Have lots of fun with the little ones.
    Remember they are mirrors and sponges.


  2. I’m hoping to hang on to my “cool dad” status as long as possible. My plan is to be the dad on the block with the loudest and most explosive toys. A real goal of mine is to have one of these. (Yes, I am that much of a nerd).

    The other kids in the area should be impressed, even if my own kids might just find it embarrassing. I know for a fact that Action Girl will be shaking her head at me. Oh well. At least if it doesn’t earn me the “cool” cred I’m hoping for with my kids, I’ll have the consolation of being a nerd with a cannon!

    Turkish Prawn

  3. Good thing that we don’t live in the same town.
    No one would get any sleep.

  4. Not-so-cool-dad is shirking his bragging duties by FAILING to provide his good pal (who will be teaching his Lulu Bell how to fence by the by) with PICTURES of said tyke!!!

    damn y’all…

  5. Looks like you are having a hard time and lots of fun at the same time:)

    All the best with the tykes!

  6. Loved the “Kryptonite” on the pizza order!

    This was a fun post to read after doing babysitting duties myself for three days. I am single and have no children so it’s always an absolute amazement, astonishment, whatever jaw dropping word you’d prefer, to enter the world of parenting. Tell me, please, how do parents ever have time to take a shower? For thee days, I tried. But, how the heck do you leave two small ones to take a shower yourself?. Of course, that would suppose there was any hot water left after they showered!

    Anyway, you sound like you have managed these hygiene challenges as well as everything else.

  7. To us, showers are precious beyond words. They are illusive and tricky to work into our daily, diaper filled lives. Personally, I’m a “get in the shower at the crack f dawn, before the house is up”, kind of guy. It makes it the most likely that it will actually happen. The added bonus is that there’s always enough hot water!

    I try to leave little to chance when it comes to personal comforts. 😉

  8. Kryptonite????

  9. Yah! So I can go back to just being “Dad” after dinner. Even Super Dad has to take a moment to relax!

    Turkish Prawn

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