The Six Word Memoir

So, here I type, the selected target of another meme. Nathalie over at Nathalie with an h’s Confessional tapped me for this one. The idea is to write your memoir or epitaph in six words. If you can add an image to go along with it, so much the better.

Then, simply sneak up behind 5 unsuspecting friends and whap them in the back of the head with it. Links need to be provided to the person who whapped you and to the originator of the meme, so they can see how far the thing goes. You can check out the place where it all began for a better explanation of the rules. If all goes well, you shall receive a life time supply of socks! Wait… That’s not actually how this works. Hmm.. I really needed the socks. I’ll have to work that out later.

So… here’s mine. I decided to go the memoir route and had fun with the picture. I’ll take any excuse to mess around in Photoshop. If you can’t quite read what I worked into the image, it says:

“In His Mind, What World Grows?”

Interpret as you wish.

As to the next victims… I hereby whap:

Prairie Flounder
Progressive Conservative
and, Ladybughugs

My apologies for saddling you all with homework. The good news is that you can ignore it with out fear of your parents finding out on your report card. So, there you are. Have fun with it. It’s actually trickier than I thought it would be, though easier than word problems involving trains and relative speed. Just ask Prairie Flounder.


9 Responses

  1. Aaaah Grasshopper, you did me proud! Grabbed the pebble right off my hand.

    Does that mean I get to go and wander the earth now?

  2. Very cool little meme and love the illustration! Thanks so much for playing, I enjoyed checking out your blog today:)

    Well, thanks for starting it. It was fun to do! Please come back again!

  3. Nice memoir and illustration!


  4. I’m still thinking… Oh, the pressure! 🙂

  5. Good one. Too bad you’ve already done one as I was about to tag you.

    I’m just proud to be on the “hit list”… Umm. Actually, that doesn’t sound as nice a “taged” 😉

  6. […] Life in 6 Words or Less Dagnabbit! I’ve been memed! Again! But since it’s Turkish Prawn, who graciously loaned me the use of a shower and power tools (not together) while I was camping […]

  7. Mr. Prawn, are you sleeping on your laurels? Are you slacking off?

    I have LAURELS? Wow!…

    Yah. I’ve been slacking. Also, my three month old is kicking my butt. No more excused though. Lots of posts this week. I promise!

  8. wow. I’ve been looking and looking at this…you said you decided to go the memoir route…So, I’m trying to match things up…so I give up. Tell me more. I had you at the Alamo last look and I know that’s not right. Then, I thought you might have been in New Jersey when the Hindenberg exploded, and then no silly I thought no, it’s the World’s Fair in Paris when they flew the first hot hair balloon. And, then, on top of all that! I see Ted Williams sort of in the foreground.

    You see, I need help.

    I also posted today, in honor of my Dad, that story I told you about in June 6th about my Normandy Invasion memory.

    Ok. For you Pat, and since you asked so nicely…
    It’s more about where my head has always been. The airship (which I have a particular love of) being the flight of fancy. The flags being the places I’ve gone and am going. The gears of my imagination that never seem to stop turning. The ancient granite I’m standing on being my anchor to the past and history. Me in the foreground, watching all this as a shadow that moves in ways that only I seem to be able to see. “In His Mind, What World Grows?”… What is will be coming next? Who knows? Not me. Not yet.

    Phew… and now, I think I will have that glass of Calvidos. If you’ll excuse me…


  9. Well, thanks for that! I know sometimes we don’t like ‘splainin’ but in this case, it helped me appreciate it more. I liked “In his Mind, What world grows?” I did get that right away intuitively looking at all the various settings, and suggestiions of place. Very, very nice. And, you do sorta look like Teddy Ballgame.

    I’m hardly what you’d call a ‘ball fan, but I’ll most definitely take that as a compliment!

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