Of Shorter Posts and Shorter Finger Tips.

There are few things on our bodies a massively useful as fingers. Think about how much stuff you can juggle at the same time with those things! You’re trying to hold that splitting bag of groceries while finding your keys which are in the opposite pocket, unlock the front door and all while talking on your cell phone. With out fingers, things would get far more difficult. You simply couldn’t do fifteen things at once. Actually, you couldn’t do a heck of a lot things by them selves.

Let’s not forget that some losses can work in your favor. A fried of mine’s dad is missing the last knuckle bit on his right hand, index finger. When he was a young man he was out hunting dear when he was attacked by a pack of werewolves… no.. not really. What happened was that the snow had built up on the barrel of his rifle and he was dusting it off with his right hand. As his hand cleared the end of the barrel, he accidently discharged the rifle. Pretty gruesome until he realized a few years later that the missing bit of finger kept him out of the draft and therefore, out of Vietnam. He decided to keep the information that he was in fact, left handed, to himself.

So why bring the subject up, you might ask. Well, today I had what they call an ‘object lesson’. I relearned the fact that razor blades are very, very, VERY sharp and will happily slice through cardboard, tape, paper… or you if not adequately attended. They really don’t care.

Stupid razors.

So in the time that it usually takes me to write a thousand word entry, this is all I could manage. You really wouldn’t want to see this entry before I ran it through spell check and you really don’t want to see the tip of my right middle finger. I did manage to keep all the bits mostly attached and it’s borderline on “go get stitches” or “tough it out”. Being a guy (interpret as you like), I elected to tough it out rather than tackle the labyrinth that is our health care system. I picked up some butterfly stitches on the way home and put the Neosporin to it. Here’s hoping.

As the Black Knight would have said, It’s only a flesh wound.”

My next post might take a little longer that normal to get typed… Ow.


7 Responses

  1. Oooops! :O

    hope it grows better soon.

  2. I’m going to assume that you taped a video of your own finger and you can assume with utmost certainty I am not going to watch it.
    I wish I could but I ain’t gonna.
    I hope you understand.
    I empathize though.

    Ewww! No!
    It’s safe for public viewing… providing you like Monty Python.

  3. It ain’t working! I click on play and nothing happens.


  4. Personally I find stiches more manly. I relish my stiches count (6 separate incidents) with testerone-filled glee.

    Give it a day. If it gets puffy or the edges aren’t splicing themselves, go see a doc. And for God’s sake, wipe down that keyboard when you’re done.

    Yah, I thought about stitches but I doubt that there’s enough to stitch. I ran a razor across the tip of my finger, partially slicing the skin off. Imagine it as a “scalping” finger. Ugh. I’m keeping an eye on it, but typing stinks. I keep forgetting not to use it. Ow. At least I’m not using an old fashioned typewriter.

  5. My Dad cut off half of his index finger on a table saw. He claimed he was able to type better without it. That is, at least, after the pain was gone!

    Hurrah for Monty Python!

    My wife lives in fear of me using my big saws. Luckily (I guess), it was just a simple razor that got me and not any of the really dangerous industrial equipment that I use on a daily basis. I fixed the Python link! “Tis but a scratch!”

  6. Awww! The Holy grail! My favorite. Thanks.

  7. In lieu of stiches, i use a mixture of neosporin and crazy glue. It stings a bit, but it works.

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