There is a saying that my mother is fond of. Right now, it sums things up nicely for me.

“Busier than a one armed paperhanger”

I will endeavor to get writing again this week. I’m just not sure how. Something later this week though. I swear!

In the mean time, here’s something to snicker at.

-Turkish Prawn

9 Responses

  1. Was it my imagination or did the cat try to break the glass with a garden gnome? I have suspected that garden gnomes and cats work together, but didn’t have any proof until now.

    I would tend to view it as more of a hostage situation. The gnome might have been smiling but I’d write that off as Helsinki Stockholm (thanks Nat) syndrome.

  2. Slacker!
    How did the appointment go with the Department of Education Director?
    It’s the Stockholm Syndrome 😉

    D’oh! Right! I go fix post….

    As for the appointment, my higher education isn’t going to happen there, but there are a bunch of other ways to handle this. At the moment, I’m working on selling the shop. As it turns out, when you want to sell a business, it’s like taking on a whole new job! AAAAAAGH!

    Hence, the time crunch.

  3. Thanks for the belly laugh Turk!

    Glad I could deliver!

  4. hahaha! I thought he wasn’t going to come in once the door was opened. I’ve had cats do that.

    That, for me, makes this cartoon! This was definitely made by a cat person.

  5. Finest kind, TP.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    You’re welcome. Glad I thought to post it. Short Stack loves this and cracks up every time I play it for him. BTW, “Finest kind”? I thought that was a Down East saying. Where abouts do you hail from? I love colloquialisms .

  6. My father (from the Eastern Shore of Virginia) used that saying sometimes. What really made it stick for me was Hawkeye Pierce used it in the movie M*A*S*H (“Finest kind, Ho Jon” as he sipped a martini).

    I’m a military brat. Born in California; drug up in Texas, Virginia, Panama Canal Zone, and California. Then I spent a decade and a half in the Service myself, so I’ve been posted all over the place, and picked up a lot of vocabulary- much of which I’m working hard on getting rid of.

    Ah HA! And as we all know, Capt. Pierce was a Maine-ah! I don’t hear that one much outside of the North East, so it caught my attention. I wonder where your dad picked it up? It’s interesting to see what we say and where it comes from.

  7. hee hee!

    Ho! Ho!

  8. Now see what ya did! Little A begs me to watch this everyday now, lol. She’ll be responsible for the sudden rise in your blog stats.

    Hey! I’ll take higher stats any way I can! 🙂 Short Stack loves this cartoon too. Cracks him right up, which in turn, cracks me up!

  9. hehe, and this one‘s even better.

    But, have you seen the new one?

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