“So where the heck is Turkish Prawn? Why is everything so quiet? Where are the funny stories?”

I know! I KNOW!…

Just in case you were noticing that the installments have dropped like a lemming off a cliff, not to mention the lack of me posting pithy quips on other blogs, let me explain in brief… briefly, because that’s all the time I’ve got.

I have sold my company that I started lo ten years ago. It is gone… mostly. What I’ve been doing every week is traveling to the place of the new owner and showing them the ropes. They had no idea how to do what I did and me teaching them was part of the sales deal. That phase has thankfully, just about ended. What this has meant though is that I live away from home for three out of five work days, for ten to twelve hours shifts. When I am home, I’m on “full dad duty”.

Here’s the catch…

I always do my writing in the morning. Well, just about always. It’s definitely when the creative juices are basting my brain the best, and I haven’t had a quiet morning to write since… oh… Christmas. This is a problem.

I’ve got more to say. I have more things I want to cover, I’m just having a hard time getting time to write when I feel a story coming on. The first major impediment will be gone soon. I’m just about finished with the business lessons and can go home and stay there. The kiddos will always be a major distraction but, hey, I’ll see what I can do. The last trick will be the classes I need to take to start my next adventure. That will be yet another time suck, but hey, I’m used to that, right?

SO! I promise to pick up the pace here… somehow. I don’t know how, but I will. I just wanted those whom I count as friends (Nat, Razz, Ross, Mike, Inmate, Ladybug, and all the others) that I haven’t lost interested here. I’m just going at 1000 miles per hour and need to get this out of the way.

I’ll write if I find no work…

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