Resume or Résumé

Some of you who have been kind enough to come back here from time to time and see what scribblings I’ve put down may have noticed a glacial like slowdown in my writing. Believe me, if you haven’t noticed it, I sure as heck have… and it’s driving me nuts.

It’s not that I haven’t been on the computer. Quite the contrary. I’ve been on it a lot. Too much, to be honest. You see, I’ve been at school.

T’was the day before Christmas, and all through the house,
You could see me grin foolishly, as if I were soused.
The children were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While the bank check I held, meant I was not in the red.

Sorry, I’ll stop there…

You see, I sold my business that I started ten years ago and decided to get back into education. This meant going back to school for a while and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull that off. Then, a little ad caught my eye offering on-line fully accredited undergraduate classes. Living on an island as I do and being the primary care giver to our two little knee biters (Don’t scoff. I’ve been bitten by both of them now), this solution seemed to be the perfect fit for my needs.

And… it is.

Let me first say that if you ever encounter someone who tells you that online classes are a snap/joke/not real, you have my permission to laugh in their face and then possibly clear a nostril on their shoes, all in my name. These things have been kicking my butt, but in a good way. I’m doing well in them but… man!.. When was the last time you had to read a four-hundred page textbook in three weeks and write up a pile of papers on it as you go? I don’t know how you’d fair, but my brain is feeling mighty squishy these days. I also encountered something unexpected. The first twinges of carpal tunnel. As you might imagine, I’m being seriously careful about that. The reading, the writing and the further reading is numbing, but it is percolating through. Ten years since I left the teaching profession for a life in the business world, I’ve actually managed to resurrect the brain-meats that can not only understand edu-babble but actually converse in it. The rule of thumb is that if you can say something in a sentence of simple English, than you need to be able to say it in two paragraphs of edu-speak. Frighteningly enough, I seem to have retained the ability to do just that. It makes me feel like a need a shower after writing a paper in it though. Ick.

So, that’s where I’ve been. I’ve knocked down four of my required six classes that I need to change my education certificate from art to general education: kindergarten through eighth. I’m almost there now.

With some luck, I’ll find a job teaching this fall.

With a lot of luck, I’ll get my wish and will be teaching Kindergarten or first grade. Here’s hoping.

So now, I have to do something that I haven’t done in a long, LONG time. I have to write a résumé. It’s going to be both humbling and surreal. I’m used to interviewing, not being interviewed. Well, I did sign up for this, so I’d better suck it up and get typing.

In the mean time, I’ll try to keep up my writing here, but please forgive me if things get a little thin here over the summer. I have a lot more to tell and you can bet that if I do get to teach, I’ll be writing about that! The good news is, if I do get a job in the schools, I’ll get my commute back and that means I’ll regain my favorite writing time as I sit on the ferry to the mainland.

In the interim, here’s something to laugh at…

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