Sun Dreaming – 4/11/05

Monday Poem, A Year and a Day

Sun Dreaming – 04/11/05

The winter has been long and I turn my heart towards travel.
Soft banks of snow have been transformed by the late winter rains
and now bear none of their earlier powdered beauty.

The icy mud sucks at my feet as the brown grass shows
greasily through on cold, dead patches of earth.

It is grey and cold,
Too cold to hope yet for flowers.
Too cold to see the ice banks retreat into the ground.
The wet and sharp winds bite exposed ears
and makes red cheeks sting.

Drizzling rain freezes as it hits,
making a walk to the mailbox a treacherous affair.

It is cold.
My shoes are soaked.

Then I smile.

For a moment, I am not here,
and I fly away in my mind.

For me, Southern France is always sunny,
and I close my eyes,

and walk along the terraced hillsides,
amongst the ancient almond trees once more.

4 Responses

  1. Without evil there would be no good.

    I sometimes think we need some bad weather to help us to enjoy the ordinary times.

    • Isn’t that the truth.

      I’d never want to leave New England winters behind, entirely. There’s a lot that goes on in my head in the “off” season that I think I’d miss out on if I were someplace where the year’s weather never showed any real change.

      Still… it’s a tough conviction to stand behind come March. šŸ™‚


  2. I’m glad there is a lot of “where” out there … because sometimes I’d rather be any “where” else than the “where” I am sometimes.

    • What is it about human nature that want’s us to go looking for “better” places to be? Funny, isn’t it? It’s a hard impulse to resist sometimes, but then… why resist if you have no reason to?


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