Heading out…

Well all, tomorrow’s the big day. I’ll be leaving with Short Stack for a while in the hopes of seeing the Shuttle launch on Monday at 6:22 AM.

Wish me luck with the airports, the rental cars, the hotel and keeping a four year old up all night long for three minutes worth of, “Wow!” Here’s hoping!

Naturally, I’ll be writing more later. Hopefully, I’ll even get a chance while I’m there. That’s assuming that I don’t fall asleep too while he’s napping.


8 Responses

  1. Good luck and I hope the weather also stays stable for you.

    I’m very envious.

    By the way, nice little shot to illustrate your post.

  2. So how’d it go?



    • And, we’re back!
      Got in last night and have just barely started to unpack. Wow… It was FANTASTIC! I can’t begin to say just how worth it this was… but I’ll try. Later.

      I had no reliable internet while I was down there, so posting was pretty much impossible, not that I had time to, anyway.

      I’ve got a heck of a lot of writing to do and can’t wait to start. I’ll try to get something up tonight. I promise!


  3. Yeah!

    I hope Short Stack’s head exploded and his eyeballs got as big as his head when it took off! … figuratively speaking.
    I’m in awe. Wow!

    • I think it washed over him like a wave. So much stimulation that he sort of marinated in it. It was definately something he’ll always remember, and so will I.

  4. I smiled when I saw the news on the launch on TV the other day.

    BTW, you do realise that Short Stack’s Halloween costumes will be a lot harder to make from now on, he he

    • Heh. Ohhhh Yah. Just for fun, I asked him last night what he wanted to be for Halloween this year.

      “A rocket.”

      Big surprise. Guess I’d better start scrounging parts in preparation for October!


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