Time for a Change…

Hello folks!

I’ve been writing my, “Rise of the Rocketboy” story for way longer than I ever anticipated now and I’m thinking it’s time to get back to the essays again. My reasoning is:

A. You guys are probably ready for me to wrap this up.
B. I miss writing about the other silly things in my life (of which there are many).
C. I haven’t written about Lulu Belle in FOREVER!
D. It’s really, really HARD to write each of these chapters, so they tend to come once in a blue moon, and that makes me feel guilty.

The real trick here is that I need some serious time set aside for each chapter and time is the one thing I simply do not have a lot of… so, here’s my plan: I will now go back to the shorter stories which you all knew me for before and move RotRB off to the side. The story, however, is not quite done. I’d say it’s about 75%-80% there and I want to finish it up soon so quitting it is out of the question. Instead, I shall move it. I might go to a split column layout here at Fox and Maus or I might simply move the whole RotRB story, lock, stock and barrel to another Blog. I’ll let you know for sure in the next day or so.


With the spirit of something new and something old in the air, I present to you some light entertainment to whip the crowd into a frenzy before the main show begins! Will you please welcome… A VARIETY OF ADORABLE BUGS AND SPIDERS!


Back to the old Fox and Maus flavor starting tomorrow! See you soon!

3 Responses

  1. Love it! Looking forward to the next installment of the RotRB though – you might want to sell that one to a magazine or sum!

    • Thanks, Hildi! I won’t abandon it, I swear. I just needed to take a break. Hopefully, I’ll get more writing done this way AND finish up the rocket boy story. I’m hoping that once it’s done, it just might be binding worthy.

  2. I was waiting for some Tuskin Raiders to appear in the video.
    … it was very Star Wars pod-racer-like. hee hee!

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