Medium Pleasures

Poetry, this morning…

Medium Pleasures -6/10/05

They say it is the small pleasures in life that make us happy.

We can all recall the great joys in our lives, and each day, hopefully, is punctuated by the small things we enjoy, but rarely dwell upon. Between the two, however, lies a forgotten collection of the Medium Things.

They are not life shaping such as the birth of a child or the long awaited forgiveness of past and regrettable transgression. Nor are they the small change of the ice cream sandwich bought on a hot summer day or the crunch of fresh snow underfoot on a Sunday morning walk in the cold.

As I strain to think of the Medium Pleasures, it amazes me how difficult they are to account for, though I know they have been there.

The rain that stayed away for the entirety of the hard won vacation.
The friend who found success and shares it freely.
The recognition of a correct decision when most thought you wrong.
The enjoyment of a wise investment, be it money, property, family or friends.

They don’t come so often, these Medium Pleasures.

But they rarely keep me up at night with worry ‘til they unfold like flowers and show us their favor.

4 Responses

  1. I really like this idea.

    I’d put “Medium Pleasures” between an “ooo” and a “wow”.

    • Yah! Not the dollar you find in last winter’s coat but more the bottle of 14 year old scotch that a friend decides to give you because he realized that scotch wasn’t his thing.

      Hmmm. Actually, in my book, that might be more of a “wow!”

  2. Cats. They have given me small, medium and whopping big pleasures.

    Small – Running across my path. Stopping. Staring
    Medium – Peering at me through a window. Meowing, asking me why I’m not more interesting.
    W. Big – Running after me, rubbing against my ankles, rolling over in front of me, asking for petting.

    I love cats.

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