Fun Mining.

I have a theory when it comes to drink.

I know that through science, the cause and effect is well known.

I know how my suffering liver fights to strain out the toxins of my manhattan and why it rewards me with a splitting crack through my brain the following morning.

“It’s dehydration,” they tell me.
“Drink lots of water before turning in,” they say.
“Take four Advil and the hair of the dog in your black coffee.” No thanks.

I now what a doctor would tell me, and that my theory is wrong…

But I prefer it for its elegant, impractical, foolish simplicity.

Alcohol’s true power is to suck the fun and enjoyment out of tomorrow, to let you have it now.


All you need is a scotch and soda, tequila and lime, gin and tonic or better. You get two days worth of fun all at once and what a blast it is. Next morning though has been strip mined of pleasure. You awake to an ugly hole and piles of till, rashly left to clutter the landscape of what was once, a new day.

As we move slowly and gingerly through this destruction, we can’t help but think, “This is so wrong. I shall never do this to a new day again. Where are my sunglasses?” We see with hope, the fresh fields of tomorrows stretching far out beyond the edge of the ruin.

And right then, we mean it! At least… until we are far enough over the good, green hills of days yet to come, to have sufficiently forgotten the sight.

“Oh. Neat, please. No cherry.”

8 Responses

  1. I never have next-day hangovers. I get drunk (famously so) and I get my headache all in the same night.

    The headaches can be rough, but whiskey sours are lovely, so it balances out nicely.

  2. Hangovers are such a drag. And they get worse when you have small kids who just won’t take “later” for an answer…

    Glad to see you are having fun though 🙂

  3. Alcohol may make one suffer “memory loss”, but I think hangovers make people suffer “memories loss” … at least last weekends memories. hee hee!

  4. Booze and I do NOT get along well over a twelve hour period. When I went away to college, my folks didn’t have to worry about a thing in regards to my partying adventures. Three drinks and I’m just about guaranteed the most hideous hangover imaginable. Talk about incentive for temperance. So, my one drink in hand, I consoled myself with watching the antics of the inebriated and later, blackmailing them with the photos.

    Well… Not really. But it was fun to think about.


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