The Elder Gods.

A friend of mine sent me a link that really made me stop and ponder. It’s called “The Elders” and the idea is to have a group of almost unanimously respected elder statesman-type people who can operate as a kind of “In my day, you didn’t get to do that. So stop it, straighten up and fly right.”, kind of manner.

On the surface, I really like the idea. The thought of having a group of people who’ve “seen it all” and can impart their knowledge to our reluctant leaders sounds good. It’s would be the global governmental equivalent of going telling on your parents to Gramma and Grampa. Pretty much, anything that makes our world leaders uncomfortable and itchy is something that I can get behind. Accountability is a GOOD thing.

The down side is obvious. The Elders can’t do anything other than shame governments and movements. They control nothing other than influence, which I’ll grant you, does have some kick when used properly. What would be a real hoot would be if they could some how threaten to cut them out of their will like a real cantankerous old patriarch/matriarch. “No, you can’t get my money/brain until you start treating your women/ethically different citizens/neighbors better.”

Hey… Isn’t that what we, the 1st world nations, are supposed to be doing anyway? Hmmmm.

Anyway. The friend who sent the link to me asked if I could think of any one else who should be included as an Elder. His bid was for the Dali Lama, who I do think is a great choice, if not super-duper tricky (what with the whole China-Tibet thing).

And since we’re tossing in a whole “Holy Man” variable with the Dali Lama, why not take it to the next level and just go ahead and elect Gods directly? The rule would have to be that they can’t run for the office. It would need to be foisted on individuals. That and no organized campaigning, just a person by person vote. Personally, I love the idea! Oh… And they should look good in flowing robes.

So my choice is Walter Cronkite. If we could elect our Elders and Gods… I think he’d be right at the top on the list for me. Talk about having seen it all. Plus, I think he’d look good on church ceilings. What do you think?

Walter for God in 2009!

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