For His Eighteenth Birthday – 5/16/05

Monday Poem, A Year and a Day

For His Eighteenth Birthday – 5/16/05

The barrel is warmed by my hand’s reverent grip,
rounded edges looking improbably soft.
Its walnut stock, marred here and there,
each scratch a story I can never know.

This is my Grandfather’s gun.
A long ago present from a father to his son.

A harsh gift, some would say, viewed through the lens of today’s world.
Yet a tender and well reasoned one for so long ago.

The hours it has spent hanging over his young shoulder.
The woodland glades it has crossed, reflecting the autumn sun.
The ducks and pheasants that have fallen to it,
and the dinners and sandwiches they later became.

I am told it is a good gun. A collector’s piece, now.
I am told of its value, but I know its real worth and I am rich to have it.

This is not my gun.

I am but its steward.

It will be kept clean and dry,
oiled and shining,
just as he kept it.

This is my Grandfather’s gun,
and always shall be.


And so we start…

Well, into the annals of not much, I go. Blogging feels a bit like pontificating into the wind from a mountain peak, but hey, What the hell, right? I’ll make an effort to keep this friendly, entertaining and not a long list of “pissandmoan”.

The name of the Blog? Kinda odd, no? Sounds almost like a children’s book title that would involve gnomes or something. Well, I’ll knock that one right out immediatly, though the visual does rather appeal to me as an illustrator. No, Fox stands for Fox Sterlingworth; makers of fine shotguns from some time ago. I have one that was a gift to my Grandfather on his 18th birthday form his Father. It’s a 16 gauge and it’s beautiful. I love it. Maus stands for Mauser; fine makers of firearms to the Prussian and German nation (and many others) for over 100 years. My first Mauser was from the same Grandfather that he received as a gift from his brother, who had picked it up while “touring” Europe via a package put together by the Allied forces in 1944. My Grandfather is a vet as are both of his brothers. How he wound up with the Mauser is a bit of a story that I’ll get into later. I’ll just leave it there for now.

So, now you know why it’s Fox and Maus. Guns will no doubt creep into the blog fairly often since I love them like a moth loves a lightbulb and I’ll continue to throw my self against it with a resounding “TINK!”. That won’t likely be what the blog is ALL about though. I do other stuff too.

More likely than not, it will include the antics of Action Girl, my wife, Short Stack, my son, and Lulu Belle, my daughter (soon to be entering the scene, but not quite out of the green room yet). So family, firearms, social commentary and general oddness should make up much of this site. But I do loves the boomsticks!

Well… as this is the first entry and it deserves something to get your brain tweaked, I’ll leave you with this. I can’t lay claim to it, but it’s something that comes up in conversation from time to time and has brought many a conversation to a crashing halt. Feel free to use it over the dinner table tonight or at your next performance review.

Why is it a “pair” of panties but only one bra? You work it out.

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