Happy Thanksgiving!

A story for you all later. Right now, I’ve got turkey and stuffing to get into and a pumpkin pie lurking in the distance. If I can move after the feast and make it past the relatives, I’ll get something proper put down.

A happy Thanksgiving to you all who celebrate it! To others in far off lands… just know that in my book, today is the perfect day to eat far more home cooked food than is decent and reflect on the good things in life.


-Turkish Prawn


pr0n or prawn?

“So what’s going on with the little shrimp with the fez?” you ask your self. OK, you might not have asked or cared, but I’ll put it here anyway. The picture came from a post I made on a firearms collector forum. One thing that you will get to hear about from time to time is my love of old battle rifles and oddly enough this is where the pr0n comes in.

There are these wonderful rifles that are about a century old and came out of Turkey. Actually, the older ones came from Germany and then went to Turkey for military service. They are Mauser rifles. They are fairly inexpensive. They mostly look like they were used to pound in fence posts in their later lives and… they are a heck of a lot of fun to collect and shoot. They are easily the ugly duckling of the Mauser rifle world but they are affordable and tons of fun.

Well, a friend started a thread on the forum titles “Turkish pr0n”, after all those wonderful email inducements to see skanky people degrading themselves in from of webcams. They changed the spelling of “porn” to “pr0n” to get by the email filters. Now it’s a cliche and most folk’s email programs can spot “pr0n” for “porn” a mile away. In the post, my friend had put a bunch of pictures of Turkish Mausers to show to the other collectors (known in collecting circle as gun porn, since you can’t have any of the pictured guns. It’s just to get gun collectors like me excited). Some of these collectors are older gents and not, shall we say, web savvy. Thus, a few had no idea what pr0n was and asked. A long discussion with many entertaining posts ensued. A picture was made by me. It was the Turkish pr0n. The avatar is now seen popping up here and there and I for one, like it. So, here it is. Enjoy it. I’ll no doubt change it at some point.

Man, I wanna go play today! Perfect range day.

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