Travel Log

I have decided to make a page of just my travel stories. The reason behind this is,
A: My travel stories tend to be several posts long and thus, tricky to jump into at the beginning.
B: I’ve been wanting to make a new “Page” marker at the top of my blog.

Also, it’s because I’ve done a pretty good amount of traveling over the years and I’d have to say that a good chunk of it was pretty entertaining and fun. I did a lot of bone headed things in Europe. Now you can have a good time laughing at me, much like I do. So, I give you… The Travel Log.

Travel stories.

Do not take the night train from Munich to Prague

Blisters, running stitches and the nicest inn keeper in Austria.

A House guest in France

Fleeing the Madness

Million Dollar Wound

Normandy, with Grandpa

Valhalla in Salzburg

The Blue Lady

The Tone in Dresden

Don’t Step in What the Bear Left

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